Tech Brigade banner

Tech Brigade is a friendly and informal Airsoft site with a woodland arena in South Hertfordshire. Airsofting for more than two decades, we have a wealth of experience in the sport. With an emphasis on safety, fairness and fun we gather every second Sunday to “skirmish”. For more information and an idea of what we are all about, have a look around the website.

 VERY IMPORTANT information about the skirmish on the 11th of Feb.

If you haven’t already contacted us about this date (as of 3.30 pm 2nd Feb) and are not a regular, i.e. A player that we recognise, then this date is now FULLY BOOKED.
Please do not just turn up on the day as you will not be able to participate.
If it will be your first visit to Tech Brigade and you haven’t already contacted us about this date then please do not just turn up and expect to play as we would hate to disappoint anyone.

Announcement: Stag Parties and Large Groups
From time to time we get inquiries about whether we can host Stag Do’s or larger groups of new players. Tech Brigade is an Airsoft club rather than a large commercial site operator. As a result, while we do have rental packages, we aren’t able to cater for groups larger than four players.