COVID-19 changes

There will be NO rentals available for the immediate future.


NEW RULES re booking and attendance.

Due to social distance measures and to ensure player safety there is now a limit of 40 players per game day.

2 metre markings have been placed around the safezone for your safety.

We have arranged hand washing stations in the safezone, feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer or anti bacterial sprays for your kit.

There will be no lending or borrowing of kit from the organisers at this time so please make sure you have all your batteries charged, masks, hats and gloves with you when you arrive.

There will be no working from cars in the car park all players must set up and remain in the safezone during the game day.

There are NO HALF DAY rates any more if you attend the fee is for a full day regardless of how long you are there.


All players must book with me BEFORE attending the site.

You will need to PM Rob on Facebook, Email me or text (NOT CALL) on 07841713356.


These will be treated strictly on a first come first served basis and although I may not respond straight away all the messages will have a date and time so please bear with me.

You MUST contact me to book DO NOT turn up on the day you will be refused entry which I don’t want to happen.

After you contact me I will give you payment instructions all bookings will be payable upfront and are non refundable in the event of a no show by booked players.


No-one under the age of 18 is allowed at Tech Brigade games without a playing adult regardless of previous attendance or disclaimer this is unfortunately non-negotiable.