Useful Links

There is so much useful information about Airsoft out there on the internet. It is pretty easy to google for stuff but here are some  links to some sites we have found useful.

Arnies Airsoft Forum – comprehensive and knowledgeable Airsoft forum.
United Kingdom Airsoft Zone (UKAZ) – good for milsim and detailed information on UK forces impressions – read their rules they are strict on them.
Airsoft Mechanics – If you want to get into the nitty gritty of how airsoft guns work this is the place to learn more.
Airsoft Sniper Forum – For all you need to know about Airsoft Sniping.
Airsoft Gasguns Info Forum – Lots of information on Gas Blow Back Airsoft guns.
Airsoft Canada – Another really useful resource. Based in Canada but often worth searching for information.
Zero-In – Zero-One’s own forum. Tech knowledge not great, don’t mention any other retailers as Mods are zealous delete-ers of posts about competing stores. Sales area is busy and can have good deals

United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) – One of the organisations who you can register as a Skirmisher with.
United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU) – Working on behalf of Airsoft players and representing their interests to the authorities. (i.e. the UK Government, Police forces etc.)
European Airsoft Alliance (EAA) – Representing Airsoft players in Europe.

UK Retailers:
Combat UK (Stevenage, Herts) – Our nearest retailer. Based in Stevenage – 10% Discount to UKARA Registered Tech Brigade players on presentation of their TB Membership card.
Zero One (Christchurch, Dorset) – If you buy a RIF from Zero One you will get a free game voucher which you can use at Tech Brigade.

Action Hobbies (Milton Keynes)
Airsoft World (Cowdenbeath, Fife)
Airsoft Zone (Romford)
Dave’s Custom Airsoft (Salisbury)
Fire Support (Farcet, Peterborough)
Landwarrior Airsoft (Dalkeith, Scotland)
Patrol Base (Huddersfield)
Pro Airsoft Supplies (Southgate, London)
Redwolf UK (Tewkesbury)
Wolf Armouries (Camden, London)

European Retailers:
Taiwan Gun (Poland)
Gunfire (Poland)
Airsoft Club (Greece)
UnivAirsoft (France)

US Retailers:
Brill Armory (Southern California)
Evike (California)
KWA USA (California)

Far East Retailers:
eHobby Asia (Hong Kong)
Impulse 101 (Japan)
Redwolf (Hong Kong)
WGC Shop (Hong Kong)