Storing and Transporting your Weapons

NOTE: We are not lawyers. Seek legal advice from a professional Solicitor. The following is hopefully useful information.


There is no specific security requirement for Airsoft Weapons. Owners are advised to store them securely so that they may not be stolen or misused by another person. Keep your Airsoft Weapons out sight and out of reach of children!

While Airsoft Weapons are much lower power than Air Guns it is wise to not make a real distinction between Airsoft Weapons, Air Guns and more powerful guns for which you need a licence. In the eyes of the law they are all considered firearms.

Transporting you Airsoft Weapons:

  • Airsoft Weapons must always be transported in securely-fastened case or gun slip that does not permit the Airsoft Weapon to be freely picked up and fired whilst in the case / slip.
  • The Airsoft Weapons must not be cocked or ready to fire and must not be loaded with BBs (whether cocked or not):
    • For Electric powered weapons the battery and magazine should be removed.
    • For Gas powered weapons the magazine should be empty and not stored in the weapon.
    • For Spring powered weapons the weapon should be stored un-cocked and without magazines.
  • Airsofters between 14 and 18 years of age are no longer allowed to transport an Airsoft Weapon to venues at which they shoot. These shooters must be accompanied and supervised by someone of 21 years or above.
  • It is illegal to have an Airsoft Weapon, loaded or not, and whether in a suitable case or not, in any public place without lawful authority to do so, or reasonable excuse.
  • You can transport a gun on public transport provided that the above requirements are met.

As with all firearms laws, the responsibility lies with the user and the potential penalties are extremely severe. You must therefore make it a priority to learn and understand these laws as they apply to you and your shooting.

NOTE: Anyone turning up at Tech Brigade with an uncovered Airsoft Weapon will be asked to leave. Do Not bring uncovered weapons on site!

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