Smokes and Bangs

Only over 18’s are allowed to use pyrotechnics.


  • Bangs have a 3 meter kill radius unless you are behind “hard cover”.
  • A bush, small tree or netting does not constitute “hard cover”.

    The Trenches - In front of the trenches is a netting safe zone for the paintballers we share the site with. This netting is not hard cover you can be shot through it.

    Netting like this is not hard cover.

  • Plywood buildings / barricades, corrugated steel panels and other man made wood structures count as hard cover.

    The Village - Detail of some of the structures.

    Structures like this are hard cover.

  • Bangs must not be used on the Trenches / Church fields.
  • BFGs or Blank Firing Grenades are allowed when used with Shotgun primers and 9mm blanks. 12 gauge blanks are not allowed. If in doubt check with the organisers.


Smokes have some restrictions on use in some areas and special rules apply in some playing zones.

  • Smokes must not be used on the Trenches Field.
  • If a smoke is set off in the Church then the Church is considered to be “on fire” and must be vacated by attackers and defenders until the “fire” has gone out.

Please listen carefully to briefings at the start of games.

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