In the Field

  • When you are hit, Shout “HIT” loudly and raise your hand. You will take your hits. End of story.  “If in doubt. Call yourself Out!” The one exception, and only one, to shouting “HIT!” is if someone makes a knife kill on you (see Knife kills below).
  • Once you are hit return to your team’s dead zone / re-spawn point and touch the flag / marker. You are then back in the game. If you don’t keep your hand or weapon in the air then don’t complain if people continue to shoot at you.
  • Dead men don’t talk! Dead players cannot talk until they have returned to the dead zone / re-spawn point.
  • Friendly fire counts. As do head shots. Ricochets don’t.
  • If your weapon is hit while you are under cover because the weapon is the only bit of you showing, the hit does not count. If your weapon is hit while you are exposed or in the open, the hit does count.
  • There is no “Blind firing” allowed anywhere on site. All shots must be aimed.
  • For those with DMRs and Sniper Rifles running at 350~500fps guns you will be expected to carry some sort of back-up weapon, e.g. a pistol, under 350fps for “close encounters”. Although there is no Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) at Tech Brigade we expect common sense and courtesy to be used.
  • At Tech Brigade we don’t use the “Bang Rule”. The “Bang rule” is used at some sites to “kill” an opponent when you are very close to them (within a few meters) by saying “Bang!” instead of shooting them. You may, should you wish, offer your opponent the option of surrendering in such circumstances. However at Tech Brigade you are likely to get shot for your trouble. Or you may “Knife Kill” them.

Knife Kills

Knife kills are allowed with the following additional points:

  • The only knives allowed are plastic / rubber / training knives where the blade is blunt, flexible and can bend at least 90 degrees.
  • Knife kills are made by tapping someone with the blade or by placing your hand on someone’s shoulder and saying “Knife kill”. Absolutely no stabbing, cutting or slashing.
  • You cannot make a knife kill by throwing a knife. It must be in your hand.
  • If someone successfully makes a Knife Kill on you then you DO NOT call hit. You silently return to your re-spawn point. If someone has managed to sneak up and get the drop on you then you must not let on to any nearby team mates.

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