What happens during the day?

A usual game day consists of:

  • 08:30 Arrive! Try to get on-site early and get ready to play.
  • 08:45 Collect rental gear, prep, pay game fees & Briefing for new players.
  • 09.00 Start of Game Day.
  • 2-3 games.
  • ~12:00 / 13:00 Lunch depending on morning games.
  • 2-3 games.
  • 16:00 – 17:00 End of Game Day (varying on amount of daylight remaining and how knackered you are).

Games run for approx 30-60+ mins in length depending on the area you play, with 10 mins of reload / prep / food / snacks at the Safe Zone before going out for the next game. Usually a game field will be played twice with a swap of Attackers / Defenders before returning to the Safe Zone.

Unlike some sites we don’t assign teams at the start of the day and then stick with them all day. Teams are assembled in the Safe Zone at the start of each game session. Along with swapping Attackers / Defenders this means that you aren’t always attacking or defending against the same people all day. If you like to play as a squad or with a bunch of mates, no problem. If you and your mates want to play against each other, no problem. Just let the organisers know when they hand out the arm bands.

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