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Over the years quite a few players, both home and visiting, have recorded videos of games at Tech Brigade. Below are a selection of these. They are broken down in to subsections to make it a little easier to navigate.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they give you a flavour of what it is like to play at Tech Brigade.

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We also have our own YouTube Channel

NOTE: Please be aware that some of the videos may contain “fruity language” which may not be suitable for younger people or for viewing / listening at work.


Fire Team Zulu TB Visit

Dom Hills’ TB Review

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Game Play

TB 16/08/2015

Defend the Fort

Pitfield Game (or Pitfeild as Pimms would have it 😉 )

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Wayne “Bodgeups” Boltwood palyed at Tech Brigade for many years, honing his sniper craft until he moved away from the area. Wayne still visits us from time to time. Starting in 2013 Wayne started videoing his games and over the next few years became something of an airsoft sniper celebrity. One of his “Head Shot” compilations hit the Facebook group “The Lads Bible” and went somewhat viral with over 2 million views. Some of the video was shot at Tech Brigade and at around 2:50 you will see our very own esteemed leader in Bodgeups’ crosshairs.


Wayne has a lot of videos and if you like airsoft sniping then his Bodegups Airsoft youtube channel is well worth a look.

Meanwhile here are a small selection of his videos shot at Tech Brigade.

Bodegups #27 03/08/2014

Bodgeups 04/01/2015

Bodgeups 04/01/2015 “Sniper Lying in Wait”

Bodgeups  04/01/2015 “Sniper vs Sniper”

Bodgeups various dates “Sniper vs Sniper”

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Old School Tech Brigade

There isn’t a lot of video from the early days of Tech Brigade but there is some. Following are a selection of snippets from around 2008. A selection of videos can be found below. If you want to see more there is some “interesting” 😉 footage over on the old TechBrigadeAirsoft youtube channel.

“Hit, Trip and Roll”

Old School 10/02/2008

Old School

2005/2006 vintage Tech Brigade

The infamous Bananaman!

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