Playing Fields

The Tech Brigade Site, Warren Wood, is a large woodland site.

  • The Main Site is 46 Acres (18.75 Hectares)
  • The Church/Trenches fields are 18 Acres (7.25 Hectares)
  • Total Site Area 64 Acres (26 Hectares)
  • This is the whole site measured using Google maps. The playable areas of the site are smaller as you have to remove the Safe Zone, the car parks, the “DMZs” (the areas we cant play as they are too close to roads and property boundaries) and the bits of the site we don’t play.
  • This leaves 55 – 60 Acres (24.25 – 22.25 Hectares) playable area.

It has a number of different types of terrain and a number of purpose built features:

The Main Site:

The Pallet Fort:

The Pallet Fort Overview

The Pallet Fort Overview

The Pallet Fort Picture Gallery

Two rings of concentric walls made from pallets with a small central hut. The Pallet fort is surrounded by various barricades and another smaller walled fort. There are dense patches of rhododendrons and more open wooded glades around the forts. This field is usually played as the first of the day and is great for getting going. Usually played as an “Attack the fort” game with a small defending force and larger attacking force.
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The Village:

The Village - in game action.

The Village – in game action.

The Village Picture Gallery

A large area of plywood huts and defensive structures/barricades. Again surrounded by a mix of dense vegetation and more open areas.
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The Bridges / Tower:

The Tower Itself

The Tower Itself

The Bridges / Tower Picture Gallery

Adjacent to the Village is a small stream / boggy area which can be crossed by some small bridges. On the far hillside is a 2 storey tower with some surrounding bunkers. A tough target to take down. Usually only played in the drier summer months as it can get really boggy. Some quite open areas in the valley bottom / bog area but also some denser undergrowth.
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The Pitfield:

The Pit Field - one of the main bunkers.

The Pit Field – one of the main bunkers.

The Pit Field Picture Gallery

A long open area bounded on the West by a track and on the East by a bank and large open area. The Pitfield is covered in obstacles and bunkers. To the West of the track is some really dense and thick undergrowth.
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The Jungle:

The Jungle - one of the more densely covered areas.

The Jungle – one of the more densely covered areas.

The Jungle Picture Gallery

Between the Pitfield and the Pallet Fort is some really dense and thick undergrowth. In the middle is the “Wendy House”. The ground is very uneven with craters, bowls, ridges and depressions. There are tracks and paths through. A great area for sneaky play.
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The Trenches / Church Field:

To the North of the Main Site is the other playing field we use. Opposite the Site entrance is a footpath in to the other playing area. These two fields are the only fields where there are restrictions on the use of pyrotechnics:
You must not use any kind of pyrotechnic grenade or bang or Blank Firing Grenade (BFGs) on these fields. There are horses in the adjacent fields which may be startled by loud noises.
Smokes must not be used on the Trenches field. They may be used on the Church field (where special rules apply) Please do not use Smokes until you are away from the boundary of the property by the Trenches field.
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The Trenches:

The Trenches - in-game action.

The Trenches – in-game action.

The Trenches Picture Gallery

A short distance up the track leading in to the area is the start point for the Trenches field. The Trenches themselves are two dug-outs with a “pillbox” sitting at the top of a steep slope down in to a valley with a small stream at the bottom. In front of the Trenches is an open area with some log defences and clumps of bushes. To the West the terrain becomes quite “bumpy” with large dips, hollows and mounds. Some of the deeper hollows have pools/standing water. The undergrowth here can be very dense and can be a challenging route to the objective. Some of the dips and hollows have discarded rubbish in them including rusty metal and broken glass. Please be careful if you see rubbish in the dip you are moving through and avoid it.
The Trenches Field has some specific rules:
A Barbed wire fence to the East is the site boundary. Do not cross this boundary. The fence is down in places and can be difficult to spot so please keep an eye out for it. The land the other side of the boundary is private property and is not part of the playing area.
IMPORTANT! To the West of the Trenches there is a large dip / bowl. The far side of this bowl is the back garden of a private house. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES FIRE ACROSS THE DIP TOWARDS THE FAR SIDE. DO NOT USE THE FAR SIDE AS A ROUTE TO ATTACK THE OPPOSITION (either as Defenders or Attackers.) Attackers may fire from the bottom of the dip towards the Trenches. Defenders can fire INTO the dip at Attackers but do so with caution!
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The Out of Bounds Areas on the Trenches and Church Fields – West Boundary – The “Dip”

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The Out of Bounds Areas on the Trenches and Church Fields – East Boundary

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The Church Field:

The Church Field Picture Gallery

The Church Field Picture Gallery

The Church Field Picture Gallery

This is probably the largest playing field on the site and also the most open. From the back of the Trenches field there is a valley with a stream. From the stream, rising to the East there is a steep bank. The top of the bank has a barbed wire fence at the edge of an open field. This is the field boundary. To the West of the stream the land rises more slowly for nearly 200m to the road which is the West boundary. PLEASE don’t get too close to the road for obvious reasons. There is a track the length of the field, running North South, about halfway across the field. This field is much more open than the main site and the Trenches field. There is much less undergrowth and none of the rhododendrons seen elsewhere. As a result there are a few more pits and barricades across the field including a couple of small bunkers “machine gun nests” to provide cover. Just past halfway there is a trench complex. This is larger than the Trenches field trenches. Beyond them towards the North East of the field is the Church. It is surrounded by a churchyard of “gravestones” and barricades. The church is quite large and has no roof, only walls. There are pews and a lectern. The Church is usually the objective.
SPECIAL RULE: If a Smoke is set off in the Church then the building is “on fire” and cannot be entered by either Attackers of Defenders.
Church games are *always* hard fought battles. West of the Trenches (South a bit and West of the Church) is the “Fire Base” a bramble encrusted “artillery” emplacement which can be an intermediate objective on the way to the Church or an Objective itself.

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